Company Overview

Patrys is a Melbourne based publicly-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:PAB).  The company’s focus is the commercialisation of novel antibody therapeutics for oncology.

Patrys’ Aim and Vision

Despite recent advances, new therapies are desperately needed to help fight a range of cancers.  Patrys is committed to the development and commercialisation of novel antibody technologies and aims to revolutionise patient outcomes across a range of hard-to-treat cancers.  Patrys is focussed on initially targeting underserved oncology indications, such as glioblastoma and metastatic triple-negative breast cancer, with the potential of expanding to other indications.

DNA Binding Antibody Platform (Deoxymab)

Patrys is developing a first-in-class platform with potential to revolutionise treatment across a broad range of cancers.  Deoxymab 3E10 is the world’s first cell-penetrating anti-DNA antibody for the treatment of cancer.  The platform was in-licensed from Yale University in March 2016 and includes the exclusive rights to two nuclear-penetrating autoantibodies for cancer therapy.  The most advanced program Deoxymab 3E10 is a novel cancer therapy that penetrates cancer cell nuclei, inhibits DNA repair and kills DNA repair-deficient cancer cells with BRCA2 and PTEN mutations.  The antibody has the ability to sensitise cancer cells to radiation and chemotherapy and to interfere with the cells’ ability to sustain themselves through DNA repair.  These characteristics of Deoxymab open up new avenues for treatment of BRCA2 and PTEN-related cancers including breast, brain gliomas, astrocytomas, head and neck carcinomas.

Patrys has engineered and developed a humanised form of Deoxymab 3E10 called PAT-DX1 and this antibody is currently in pre-clinical studies.

In June 2017, Patrys in-licensed from Yale University the worldwide rights to develop and commercialise technology pertaining to the linking of Deoxymab 3E10 to nanoparticles. Attaching nanoparticles to PAT-DX1 creates a cancer-targeting delivery vehicle for a range of ‘cargoes’ including standard chemotherapeutic (or other) drugs and has been demonstrated to significantly increase the efficacy of the drug therapy in pre-clinical models.

Some of the differentiating features of the Deoxymab 3E10 platform include:

  • preferential localisation to tumours
  • penetration of the cell membrane and the cell nucleus
  • crossing of the blood brain barrier (BBB), and
  • killing cancer cells that are deficient in DNA repair.

Patrys has also in-licensed the rights from Yale University to a back-up antibody, Deoxymab 5C6, which also has cell penetrating characteristics.

PAT-DX1 has strong IP protection, and potential as a therapy for cancers that remain difficult to treat including glioblastoma, brain metastases, triple negative breast, endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic and, colon cancers.

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Intellectual Property

Patrys has an active intellectual property strategy in place to protect the Deoxymab platform assets.  The portfolio targets major jurisdictions across the United States, China, Japan, Europe and Australia.  There are currently nine active patent families, with five patents granted and 19 patent applications pending in various jurisdictions.