Company Overview

Patrys is a Melbourne based publicly-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:PAB).  Our principal focus is on the development of a new type of products for the treatment of cancer.

DNA Binding Antibody Platform (Deoxymab)

In March 2016, Patrys licensed the exclusive rights to two nuclear-penetrating lupus antibodies for cancer therapy from Yale University.  The most advanced program Deoxymab 3E10 is a novel cancer therapy that has the capacity to penetrate cancer cell nuclei, inhibit DNA repair and kill DNA repair-deficient cancer cells with BRACA2 and PTEN.  The antibody has the ability to sensitise cancer cells to radiation and chemotherapy and interfere with their ability to sustain themselves through DNA repair.  These characteristics of Deoxymab open up new avenues for researching treatment of BRCA2 and PTEN-related cancers including breast, brain gliomas, astrocytomas, head and neck carcinoma as examples.

Patrys has completed in silico biology to optimise Deoxymab 3E10 and has selected a lead candidate PAT-DX1, a di-scFv antibody. This major milestone allowed Patrys to commence studies in pre-clinical animal models – positive data from which were announced in Q3 2017. Additional pre-clinical studies are ongoing.

More recently, in June 2017, Patrys licenced the worldwide rights to develop and commercialise technology pertaining to the linking of Deoxymab 3E10 to nanoparticles. The nanoparticles can be loaded with standard chemotherapeutic (or other) drugs and have been demonstrated to significantly increase the efficacy of the drug therapy in pre clinical models.  Patrys has also licensed the rights from Yale University to second antibody Deoxymab 5C6, which also has cell penetrating characteristics.  This antibody will be positioned in the back-up antibody program.

PAT-DX1 has with strong IP protection, and potential as a therapy for cancers that remain difficult to treat including glioblastoma, endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, colon and some breast cancers.

IgM Platform

IgM’s are the body’s first line of defence as part of the innate immune system and have shown therapeutic promise.  Natural human antibodies can be combined with existing chemotherapeutic treatments potentially without any cumulative toxicology effects.  With more than ten years of experience in the field, Patrys is a leader in development of natural human IgM antibodies for treatment of cancers.

The Company’s most mature product is PAT-SC1, has been shown to provide treated gastric cancer patients with a 10 year survival benefit.  Patrys has signed an exclusive development and commercialisation deal for all oncology indications in China for PAT-SC1.  Patrys retains the right to develop and commercialise PAT-SC1 outside of China.

Patrys has a large portfolio of patents protecting these assets, and has successfully completed clinical trials and partnering of these exciting technologies. Clinical trials conducted with PAT-SM6 in melanoma and multiple myeloma patients showed signals of efficacy with no adverse safety effects.  Patrys is one of the few companies with experience with large scale IgM manufacturing. Patrys is seeking to partner or source non-dilutive funding to progress its IgM assets.

In addition to PAT-SC1 and PAT-SM6, Patrys has a deep pipeline of other promising products, which Patrys can use to refill its pipeline.

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Intellectual Property

Patrys’ IgM patent portfolio includes multiple patent families. The portfolio covers all lead products, and patents have already been issued in all major markets including the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia. These filings cover our novel antibodies, newly discovered disease targets, and production technologies.

Deoxymab 3E10 and Deoxymab 5C6 antibodies are covered by 5 patents with filings in United States, Europe and other jurisdictions.