PAT-LM1 Overview

PAT-LM1 is a natural human antibody that has shown great promise in laboratory and animal testing as a potential treatment for multiple types of cancer, with a particularly strong potency against colon, lung, breast, ovary and pancreatic cancers.  Recent experimens have focussed on the evaluation of PAT-LM1 in blood cancers including different types of leukaemias and lymphomas.  PAT-LM1 showed very specific binding to more than 90% of tested lymphoma cell lines and patient samples.  PAT-LM1 was able to induce cell death in mantle cell lymphoma and histiocytic lymphoma cells.  Interestingly, PAT-LM1 also bound specifically and strongly to some very rare lympoma types like marginal zone B-cell and Burkitt lymphoma, indicating that it may have broad therapeutic application.

PAT-LM1 attacks a protein called non-POU domain-containing octamer-binding protein (NONO) which is expressed on 98% of over 200 different types of cancer cells screened. NONO has been shown to play a role in modulating cell death and repair mechanisms and as a marker in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer tumors. Reports have also observed a strong link between NONO expression and lower survival rate among bladder cancer patients. In addition, NONO upregulates tumour cell growth and metastases leading to an overall poorer prognosis.

Patrys has now identified the region of binding of PAT-LM1 to the disease target NONO and has filed a patent around this discovery.

The Company has recently completed further cel line development work for PAT-LM1 in the proprietary PER.C6® cell line.